U Chic The College Girl's Guide to Everything

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Everyone―from the social butterfly in freshman orientation to the top student in Bio 101―feels a little unsure about the college experience. And that's completely normal! In fact, everyone could use a little help sometimes, especially in their first year. We know, because we've been there.

But don't worry: We have you covered! From the day you set foot on campus until the day you wear a cap and gown, get advice from a source you can trust: the expert and diverse team of all―star college students and recent grads behind U Chic.

Campus Living ― managing roommate relationships, and settling in that first semester
Academics ― schedules, majors, academic resources, and strategies for staying on top of your studies
Social Life ― tips and tricks on making friends, getting involved, and finding love in the age of apps
Health & Safety ― partying smart, coping with the winter blues, and knowing when to ask for help
College Perks ― internships, study abroad, spring break, and more!