Superfood Shot

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Enjoy drinking Balance the Superfood Shot to get 1/2 your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Packed with nutrients to keep you, and your family, healthy. Bonus! No more arguing over eating broccoli. 

Experience all Balance the Superfood Shot Blends! Each Mixed Blend package comes with an even mix of all three blends. Ideal for those who love them all, want to sample all three or like to mix and match throughout the month.

Balance the Superfood Shot Foundation Blend is two ounces of delicious, organic pineapple, lemon, carrot, beet, cranberry, blueberry, cherry, spinach, kale, acai berry, camu camu, goji berry, elderberry and dragon fruit (with a little turmeric thrown in).

The Turmeric Blend of Balance the Superfood Shot is two ounces of bold and delicious, organic turmeric, tart cherry, orange, papaya, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper (for turmeric and curcumin absorption).

Balance the Superfood Shot Immunity Blend is two ounces of sweet and tart, organic elderberry, acerola cherry, orange, concord grape, carrot, beet, blueberry, pomegranate, spinach and broccoli.