Meet Charlie Waffles Book

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Charlie Waffles is a mini Juliana pig who lives with his big brother Grunter in the country with Mom and Dad. They live inside the house, where their mom and dad take care of their every need. From feeding them delicious meals to belly scratches and fun time. Sometimes Charlie Waffles's big brother, Grunter, picks on him that he doesn't like, but Mom and Dad are always there to make things better. When Dad gets home in the evening, both Charlie Waffles and Grunter get to play outside their pen. It is then that fun begins. They get to run through the house, chasing each other, and if something scares them, their dad is always waiting for them with arms open for safety. Charlie Waffles loves to hear the stories his mom tells him about going outside to play when the fence is built, and at the end of the night, when it is time for bed, he always drifts off to sleep, dreaming of playing outside. Local Missouri author, Jonni Gainous