The Power of Positivity

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In early May I made a change in my life that could have a long-term impact on my family.  I left a good position of many years at an established, well-known business, to walk alongside my friend in her journey and build her web business.  If you have read any of our past blogs (and I hope you have) then you are already know this.  What I didn’t expect was this….

I didn’t expect to enjoy getting up early in the morning to get ready for work because I’m eager to get my day started.  I have never been a morning person!

I did want to make this change so I would have the flexibility to run my son around to all of his activities, however, I didn’t expect the fun we would have together just going from place to place.  Just last week he asked if I was happy with my new job and when I replied “yes”,  he surprisingly said, “I can tell”.  He’s a 14-year old boy, so let’s be real, they don’t notice much unless it is major. 

I didn’t expect to get to know Lana, Tamie, Anne and Natalie as much as I have.  I have known them all for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t know how wonderful they are.  Lana and I have bonded with a great new friendship (especially during video recording days). Tamie is the most genuinely, kind person.  Anne truly cares about other people, and Natalie is the bounciest, happiest, most drama free teenager!   Together with the Sara(h)’s we all make a great team. 

The most important thing I didn’t expect is the power of positivity that pours through our doors every day.   I sit at the top of the stairs and listen to customers gush over the store, gush over our staff and it makes me smile. I listen to my co-workers make the customers feel welcome, find the right gift or item, find out where they are from and really get to know them.  If we don’t have what they need, we don’t hesitate to send them to another local store even if they are a competitor.  Because we are ALL trying to bring a special piece of small business back to our town.

I hope you find the message I’m trying to send in my blog.   Surrounding yourself with something you love, something you believe in and positivity changes your mindset, your prospective and your life.   Nothing is too big to handle when you have the power of positivity!   Oh and don’t forget to shop online at the  I’m sure you will find it to be a positive experience! 

PS the picture is a message that was displayed in store.  I still need work on this!  Have a great day!!



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