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You know The Bluebird has tons of Missouri foods.  So trust us when we say something is deliciously unique.

Marina’s Cranberry Chutney ($6.99) is on our minds this week.  With Thanksgiving coming up we all know it’s a busy time of year.  And this jar of goodness is just the item you need to compliment your menu. 

So what exactly is a chutney?  A cross between relish and jam, a chutney is a mixture of fruit, vinegar, sugar and spices.  Marina’s Cranberry Chutney is brought to us by the folks at Circle B Ranch in Seymour, Missouri.  They use whole cranberries and oranges along with a special blend of organic spices to make this 100% natural and gluten free gourmet treat. 

So now you know what a chutney is made of, now what?

  • Mix the chutney, to your taste, with beef or pork when making meatballs. Or  lightly glaze the top of a meatloaf.
  •  Pour over a block of cream cheese. Add crackers. 
  •  Spread a layer on your left over turkey or chicken sandwich or mix with mayo for a sweet kick.
  • Making a pork roast or chops? Spoon over the top for an extra layer of flavor.
  • Add to your standard BBQ sauce for a quick trip to flavor town (like Guy Fieri says!). Or use it to tone down a hot sauce.

Honestly the possibilities are endless And so easy.  All you have to do is open the jar.  And let the taste bud tingling begin! 

COMING UP:  Check out our blog next week for an easy-peasy Thanksgiving treat.


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