Beginning a Dream

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Sarah and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.  We were in the same grade in school and became great friends after high school.  She and our friend SaraJane have endured so much together and are commonly known as the 3 Sara(h)'s.  We are all working together to make The Bluebird Mercantile a success.

At this time last year, Sarah and I were eating our (Sarah) lunch on our weekly lunch day and as always she was filling me in on her latest store idea.   I have always loved listening to her various descriptive visions of the type of retail store she wanted but this time her vision felt different.  This time it was as if I was stepping back in time to when I was young and shopping on the downtown square was common.  I could see in my mind her store and instantly thought of what a treat Ben Franklin's was to step into as a kid.  I still remember the way the floors sloped the farther back into the store you walked and all the paper dolls hanging up that of course I wanted so badly.

In Summer 2018, Sarah and her mother, Tamie, purchased a 100 year old building in our hometown of Clinton, MO on the downtown square.  They began the work to create her modern day general store dream.    While the building was being touched up from it's original structure and shelving, they began the search for products with that old fashioned vintage feel and nostalgic items that brought back memories of her Grannie Stiles home growing up.  I think most will agree the thoughts of those simple pre-cell phone and social media days is appealing.  I would go back in a heartbeat!

In October 2018, the doors to The Bluebird Mercantile opened and I nearly gasped when walking through the doors.  The smell, sound and feel were exactly as she had described to me.  She had exceeded what I expected to see when I came through the door and I love more than anything that she is supporting our home state of Missouri by featuring foods and other items grown and handcrafted in our state or just showing Missouri love, not to mention the new retail store to help revitalize our downtown square.  I am excited to to see the future success of this store and what her creative mind can do in the future.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.   Shop in-store or online and you will find a little of everything.   I hope you will enjoy either experience as much as I have!


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