The Girls of The Bluebird

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Meet the staff:  

Sarah Goth:  The beauty and the brains behind The Bluebird Mercantile.  Loves Missouri made products!  Gets excited when a new shipment of throw pillows comes in.  Yes, we are not joking.  She.  Loves.  Throw.  Pillows.  And John Mayer (we may or may not have a framed photo of him in the store).  Spends lots of time researching companies and products made in Missouri.    

Tamie Smith:  The mom of the beauty and the brains (Sarah).  And pretty cute herself!  Keeps the staff in check and makes sure everything is neat and tidy (sometimes we are messy, we admit).  Loves trying all the Missouri foods.   Her favorite is the tomato mixer!    

Lana Monard:  Employee of the month.  Every single month!  Seriously (we believe the system is rigged).  Enjoys visiting with the customers and finding them the perfect item or gift.  Loves to cook and make videos using our Missouri food products.  Knows what a ham hock is.     

Sara Heistand:  The girl behind the screen.  def find_max (L):max = 0, for x in L:, if x > max:, max = x return, max.  We don’t know what any of that means – but she does (and secretly revels in being the smart one)!  Loves Ozark Mountain Popcorn and will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Waiting on the boss to buy her a real chair. 

Anne Tanner:  Knows everyone in town.  No joke!  Loves to connect with our customers and learn if they are locals or just passing through town.   She shops every time she works and is always on the go.   We love to hear where her next adventure or ball game will be.  

Sarajane Roberts:  Loves everything in the store.  Is restricted from purchasing items before they hit the shelves.  Secretly does it anyway.  Sorry boss.  Enjoys seeing the Sara(h)’s at work.  Designs all of the cute advertisements and t-shirts.

Natalie Wagoner:  The Bluebird Mercantile's social media expert and resident teenager.  Adorable, sweet and whip smart!  Daughter of the boss (although we all pretend we are her mother).  Loves bunnies and sparkles.  Works for room and board. And gas money!

Now that you know about us, we want to meet you!  Stop by the store and say hi soon.

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  • The lady Lana helped us during our visit. Was with us every step of the way. I can see why she is your employee of the month! I saw her video on FB and it made we want to visit your store! She’s a keeper.

    Jean Harris on

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